Brig. General William E. Brougher
General Brougher

    In September 1941, Brigadier General W.E. Brougher was assigned to command the 11th Division, Philippine Army in north Luzon.  The 11th was the first Philippine army unit struck by the Japanese and was continuously fighting until the night of April 9th, 1942, the day of the surrender of the American forces in Bataan.  Upon the abandonment of the troops on Bataan and Corregidor and MacArthur's famous promise, "Help is on the Way", General Brougher's comment was, "A foul trick of deception played on a large group of Americans by a commander in chief and his small staff who are now eating steak and eggs in Australia."  
    General Brougher was taken first to Camp O'Donnell after the surrender.  On May 10th he was separated from the troops and with the other high ranking officials moved to Tarlac, P.I.  There they were joined by the Generals, Colonels and Navy Captains from Corregidor.  In August 1942 this group of high ranking prisoners was moved to Formosa. In October of 1944 he was moved again with this same group to Manchuria until the end of the war.  An accomplished writer, he published two books about his experiences;

    The Long Dark Road, 1946, A Collection of Poetry       view two poems

    South to Bataan, North to Mukden: The Prison Diary of Brigadier General W.E. Brougher, 1946, 1971